About us

UDC is a leading brand licensing agency in Ukraine.

Our mission is to grow your business, expand audience and develop its loyalty through the use of popular brands:

  • Masha and the Bear,
  • Paw Patrol,
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • GAPCHINSKA: Supplier of Happiness.
  • Cossacks, etc.

UDC history has started with a dream of how to simultaneously promote cultural phenomena and develop business in the home country. Our job is a synergy of creativity, culture and entrepreneurship.

We ‘lease out brands’ along with their achievements, popularity, emotions they bring out, and especially the target audience.

We work with brands of different holders such as global companies Nickelodeon Viacom International and Animaccord International and cultural platform Art Nation.

The following companies are among our clients:

Danone, Watsons, EpitsentrK, Millenium, Vitmark, Biosfera, Lasunka, Agromat, Vivat, Newtone Pharma, Kraina Igrashok, Leader Snack, Narodnyi Produkt, Miasna Gildia, etc.