To become successful, a product should be distinguished in the market among other competitors and become recognizable for consumers. This problem can be solved by branding.

However, brand development is a long, cost and difficult process.

As the market sets a frantic pace, you have to not only keep up with competitors, but be always a step ahead. And all this shall be done within a limited budget and unstable situation in the country. What have we got is that competition is already today, brand is needed yesterday and the budget for research, brand development and promotion is absent or insufficient for the competition with market leaders or the quick knowledge and loyalty building.

In this case you should turn to international experience. It has long been a world practice that different countries use ready-made brands to address these problems. This tool is called brand licensing or licensed branding.

How does brand licensing work?
biznes-zadachu-ta-tsilovu-audytoriyu It is necessary to define a business objective, target audience of the product, promotional campaign etc.
chysti-brendy-1 There are “pure brands” on the market that can be leased by license. This can be cartoon brands (e.g. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob, Masha and the Bear, Paw Patrol, Cossacks), art brands (e.g. GAPCHINSKA: Supplier of Happiness, Prima Maria: on the basis of Maria Prymachenko creations) or even popular television channels (e.g. MTV). It’s great that each of the brands has already existed and large sums of money have been invested in their development and loyalty of the target audience. Besides, the brands have existed on the market long enough to build the absolute knowledge and strong emotional bond with the target audience. Moreover, all indicators of brand health are known in advance.
choose-the-brand Having defined a business objective and target audience, you need to choose a brand that best enhances the concept of a product, promotional campaign or even company’s positioning (depending on what you want to promote on the market). At this stage it is important to find a common point of product and brand, such as shared values or emotions that you want to emphasize. A properly selected brand will provide synergy between a brand and a product and its use will give the best result.
treaty-icon Brand use contract is signed for a certain period.

Benefits co-branding license:


It is fast: you can choose a ready-made brand with the developed system of values, gained popularity and defined target audience.


Brand use cost is calculated as % of the cost of licensed brand goods sold. So, all expenses are variable and directly correlated with sales, unlike the expenses of new brand developing and advertising. This allows minimization of expenses and avoidance of long-term investment.


You get access to the best international expertise, as a licensed brand is dealt with by a great professional team that has experience on the markets of different countries, constantly conducts marketing research and can always advise how to improve a product