Our mind perceives images 60,000 times faster than textual information. Therefore, design captures sales. However, given the variety of designs on a shelf it is becoming harder to remain notable, whereas to be “one of” is fatefully.

There are categories for which design is a product basis, e.g. greeting cards, notepads, notebooks, T-shirts, bags, etc. For these categories design update should be regular, and the number of concepts required simultaneously is essential.

Therefore, design is one of the important and obligatory items in a marketing budget. Practice shows that staff designers cannot develop concepts that cause a furore on the market.





1 Staff designers have a lot of ongoing work, so it’s difficult for them to become utterly absorbed in the search of ideas for a new concept.
2 Usually, when a designer works with a brand and a category too long, he loses freshness of vision and it becomes difficult for him to be free from stereotypes.
3 To create you need a creative atmosphere. It’s very difficult to get creative designer to work full time in an ordinary office upon routine drafts.
4 Concepts taking the market by storm are a rarity. And they are expensive. Therefore, it is unlikely that designers who can create these concepts work on a permanent basis in a production company. They would rather engage in freelance or work in creative agency.
Standard practice is to make current designs by own efforts and to order concepts for prioritized sku, seasonal offers or update of the whole product range stylistics in creative design bureaus.
However, it is not an ideal situation either:
nedostatky_1 It is expensive.
nedostatky_2 Most designs are still performed by own efforts without reaching the desired level.
nedostatky_3 Design bureaus often offer creative еpatage instead of design to be sold. It is certainly singled out on a shelf, but has no relation to the additional cost for a consumer. As a result the design does not work.
International experience shows that an effective solution in this situation is to use a licensed brand. Licensed brands have various finished design materials which a licensee receives along with the brand.

The advantages of a brand license


Design can be quickly developed on the basis of top-class style guides.


It has a high artistic level, as the design is checked and adjusted by leading experts.


It stands out on a shelf due to emotional commitment of the target audience to the brand.