Providing its basic services the agency also consults clients in various fields. We understand that each partner is unique, as we work with different companies ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations. We always put the customer’s goal in the first place and offer alternate solutions, applying unique experience and leading experts’ expertise and supporting global brand holders.

UDC expertise is based on:

 1 Unique experience on the brand licensing market which is new for Ukraine.
2 We visit most of international exhibitions around the world in search of new trends.
3 We have access to the world’s most successful brand licensing cases, use international studies and latest products, as we have to constantly exchange experience and expertise with brand holders.
4 Continuous-flow market analysis. We work with many different categories and therefore analyze the market as a whole and by each category separately. Receiving information from various markets and analyzing the interdependences we can assess the situation more comprehensively.
5 In addition to our own team of highly qualified professionals, we are able to consult with world leading designers, creative directors, marketers, analysts, product managers and other professionals.

We can always support our partners in the most relevant aspects such as:

 1 Analysis of the market situation.
2 Development of innovative products based on global trends and successful international experience.
3 Development of a strong design which would set apart the product on a shelf.
4 Development of product line pricing strategy and promotion plan.
5 Development of promo based on the world leading experience.
6 Negotiations with supermarket chains.
7 Negotiations on advertising.
The most important thing is that we and our partners have a common goal: we can earn only when our licensee has high sales performance and reaches the targeted goal.