Promotional campaign creativity

Although advertising messages “attack” from everywhere, people have learned to ignore them. However, people couldn’t help noticing the funny SpongeBob, brave Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, GAPCHINSKA Angels or national heroes Kozaky!

Therefore, we propose promotional campaigns with your favourite characters and images that will surely find an echo in the hearts of the target audience.

How does it work?

 1-1 We define an objective and target audience for the campaign.
2 We choose a brand which is most suitable to achieve the objective.
3 We sign a contract to use the brand in the promotional campaign.
4 We develop an promotional campaign concept on the basis of world leading cases and finished design-materials involving agency experts and brand owners.
5 We run a campaign.
6 We reach the objective.
Due to promotional campaign involving a licensed brand a product will undoubtedly draw attention and reach the target audience, but mainly it will gain love addressed to the characters of the brand. This can be done more quickly and with minimum investment, as opposed to the usual development of campaign creative concept. Therefore, the campaign involving a licensed brand is a ‘reactive’ promotional tool.