Brand promotion

It is known that a brand can be brought to the mainstream by its promotion. However, comprehensive promotion requires significant investment and certain time to achieve brand popularity.

We offer a ‘reactive’ promotional tool: the use of popular brands.

There are several options for promotion using licensed brands:

First, it is integration of popular characters and images in product design, along with the brand you want to promote.

Advantages of the tool:

 dosyagty-tsilovoyi-audytoriyi A properly chosen licensed brand can easily reach the target audience, on which your own brand has been focused.
peredacha-emotsij Positive emotions associated with favourite characters switch to the brand promoted by us.
prydbayut-tovar-spochatku-zavdyaky-populyarnomu-personazhu Customers try the offered product mainly thanks to the popular character and thus they become familiar with the brand of your company.
doviryatyme Over time consumers get used to the company’s brand and trust it.
Second, you can use your favourite characters in promo campaigns and advertising. International licensing experience shows that even the most well-known global brands such as Lays, McDonald’s, Toyota and even Moschino, use promo licensing.

Examples of promo licensing use:

1 stimulating promo offers with gifts and advertising messages involving popular characters;
2 use of popular brand visualization in advertisements;
3 issue of limited brand product series to draw buyers’ attention and interest;
4 running promo actions using popular characters to enhance the image of your own brand;
5 running social responsibility actions involving a brand.
Huge sums are spent globally to promote licensed brands (creating series, filming movies, offline promotions, online applications, design materials, etc.). Licensed brands are non-stop in the life of target audience; 360° is the promotion level, which cannot always be achieved even by large international companies. The essence of licensing consists in using a popularized brand as a specific locomotive to promote your brands. This method works and is practiced worldwide.

Promotion involving a licensed brand at the local level also ensures cooperation with other companies that also have chosen this licensed brand. Within cooperation various cross-promos helping optimize costs of each company can be used.

Consequently, the use of popular brands to promote your brand is a set of capabilities and optimization of company’s costs.

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